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Easy Time is a handy and reliable software program to help us be on time and on schedule. With this product you would not forget a single thing or task.

Easy Time works as an organizer, scheduler, diary, to-do list, alarm, time synchronization, and more. It has a user-friendly interface and easy access from the tray icon makes it easy to check your schedules from time to time.

You can also add notes and diary entries to remind you of important things, with paragraph formatting, bullets, numbering, URL support, and automatic detection of URLs makes it easy to use to work with websites, blogs.

Emailing contacts in your address book and optional pasting of HTML source URL is also supported. The time synchronization feature makes it a handy tool for people who travel often because they will never miss a schedule or event with the help of Easy Time.

The program is fully customizable to suit your needs, with custom clock window skins, chime using standard sounds or custom ones, compacting of data on start-up, email settings, translation services, overriding system clock and time synchronization.

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